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ESG Research: a well-established history

Vigeo Eiris is one of the global pioneers in ESG analysis. This status positions us as a stakeholder and a driving force in the evolution of civil society and public authority awareness, as well as in the adaptation of companies’ and investors’ strategies. To this day, innovation remains at the core of our DNA.


Vigeo announces its merger with EIRIS

Vigeo Eiris, born from the merger of two leaders in their historical markets, is rooted in Europe and is now positioned as a global player in ESG research.

2015 | Vigeo
Opening of an office in Montréal

2014 | Vigeo
Strengthening of Vigeo’s international presence through development of its activities in South America, in Santiago, Chile

2013 | EIRIS

Conflict Risk Network integrated into EIRIS

2012 | Vigeo
Launch of the Vigeo Euronext indices

2011 | Vigeo
Opening of Vigeo London

2010 | Vigeo
Creation of the two business units 
Vigeo Rating & Vigeo Enterprise

2008 | EIRIS
Opening of an office in Paris

2006 | Vigeo
Acquisition of Italy’s Avanzi SRI Research, 
becoming Vigeo Italy

2005 | Vigeo
Acquisition of Belgium’s Stock at Stake,
becoming Vigeo Belgium

2005 | EIRIS
Opening of an office in Boston

2004 | Vigeo
Creation of Vigeo Casablanca

2003 | Vigeo
Acquisition of Arèse,
French rating agency

2002| Vigeo
Creation of Vigeo by Nicole Notat

1999 | EIRIS
Since 1999, EIRIS has been developing a global network of partners: the Eiris Global Network

1983 | EIRIS
Creation of EIRIS. Prior to merger with Vigeo, EIRIS was wholly owned by the EIRIS Foundation.