Responsible Shareholding  Active Ownership Service

Develop your role as a responsible shareholder

Assert your position as a responsible investor by influencing the companies in your portfolio through regular dialogue. Vigeo Eiris supports your engagement with companies, both on generic or specific issues of your choice.

Our offer

Your need:


a conversation with issuers, to help them improve their ESG risk management


the laggards in your portfolio who are underperforming on issues that have the greatest impact their ESG performance


from a proactive and credible alternative to divestment and negative screening

Our Solutions

We offer several support options:

  • Weighted mapping of the risks that may negatively impact your portfolio
  • Targeting of companies with whom dialogue is recommended
  • Dialogue with the targeted issuers, organized in your name
  • Response processing and analysis
  • Reporting

Why Vigeo Eiris ?

Robust, stable and based on international standards. Find out more about methodology

ESG research on 4000 issuers, and thematic research covering up to 10,000 issuers

Global and multi-class asset rating database, search adaptable to specific RI approaches, customizable extranet

Team of 120 analysts, organised by sector pole; partner of financial organizations: Ethibel Forum, Euronext

A process certified to the Responsible Investment Research Standard

A continuous research and development process

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