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Press Release - 11/12/2017

Vigeo Eiris hails the initiative of financial actors recognising the materiality and usefulness of extra-financial rating

This is a significant step in the generalisation of issuers communicating on their extra-financial rating, and the full recognition by signatories on its contribution to informed financial and investment decisions.

In this respect , this initiative recognises the key role devoted to the analysis of risk and sustainability factors for an enhanced integration of their impacts both on issuers and investments. It gives a strong signal in favour of the growth of sustainable and responsible finance in France and Europe.

As a rating agency we welcome this initiative, with the awareness of a new responsibility for issuers and investors.

Building on its experience, its standpoint of independence, the quality of its research, the professionalism of its teams, and its relations with companies and investors, Vigeo Eiris intends to meet the challenge of the future of extra-financial rating, and will act as the lead partner in this evolution in Europe and internationally.

To read the Declaration, 8 December 2017 “Towards a wider application of non-financial rating” and the complete Vigeo Eiris press release, download the documents above

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