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Measure the impact of your activities on your ecosystem

What does a company bring to the environments, communities and countries where it operates? Companies are increasingly expected to objectify and report on their contribution to the social, societal, environmental and market ecosystems in which they operate. The independent evaluation of this contribution performed by an external third party offers credibility to, and assurance of, a company’s communications towards its stakeholders.

Our offer

Your need:


your stakeholders with tangible evidence of your contribution to local economic and social development


the economic, social and environmental impacts of your activity, products and services to your local or national ecosystem


and build stakeholder dialogue


your brand reputation

Territorial Footprint

Our approach


Quantitative approach
based on the analysis of performance indicators compared to those of the region

Qualitative approach
Vigeo Eiris enterprise assesses stakeholders’ perceptions of the actions taken by the company and provides an opinion on each of the contributions that constitute the area’s regional footprint. Those contributions are evaluated based on about twenty criteria, categorised into 4 types:

  • Contribution to socio-economic attractiveness and to the quality of local life
  • Contribution to social inclusion
  • Contribution to labour development and quality
  • Contribution to the preservation of local ecosystems and the fight against climate change




weak, limited, robust, or advanced

Stakeholders’ opinion
critical, limited or favourable

Why Vigeo Eiris ?

An independent opinion: more than an evaluation, Vigeo Eiris delivers an opinion on the company’s contribution to the development of its environment, which translates into a proof of legitimacy and constitutes an instrument for dialogue with stakeholders

A dynamic measure: Vigeo Eiris has developed a unique method for the company’s contribution to its environment based on a dynamic footprint measurement

Analysis of how stakeholders perceive a company’s actions: an approach resolutely focused on the environment, examining and integrating stakeholders’ feedback for better adaptation of the company to its regional ecosystem


Claire Coletti
Project Manager 

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