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Green and Social Bonds / Responsible Bonds

The increase in the issuance of green bonds demonstrates issuers’ and investors’ growing interest in being part of sustainable development initiatives. These operations are highly monitored. Success will be defined by the validity of, and compliance with, stated objectives; rigorous management of the projects during implementation; and capacity to transparently report on them.

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We express an opinion on the green bond issuer’s credibility in terms of social responsibility policies and practices. We provide the market with an independent third party opinion on the consistency of the selected projects’ responsible aims, as promised by the issuer.

Evaluating the company’s exposure to ESG risks and its level of risk mitigation

Reviewing the selection process of projects, to secure the allocation of resources and the transparency of funding

Evaluating the quality of the reporting mechanism prior to the issuance

Formulating an opinion on the management of social and environmental impacts in the implementation of projects

Delivering a “Second Party Opinion”, providing a level of assurance on the responsible nature of the issuance in line with the Green Bonds Principles

Why Vigeo Eiris ?

Capitalising on a unique expertise in the responsible investment and CSR support markets, Vigeo Eiris has built a set of solutions to assist issuers throughout and beyond their issuance process:

Uniquely positioned to assist with the integration of ESG issues in investment and corporate strategies

Significant experience as “second opinion*” provider to the market for responsible issuing in multiple sectors (banking, real estate, energy, healthcare) in Europe, the United States and Japan

Legitimacy recognised by issuers, investors and stakeholders, acting as a guarantee of reliability for the issuer

“CBI Verifier” status

For more information: Questions & Answers on Green and Social Bonds 

*Vigeo Eiris delivers a “second party opinion”, distinct from verifying the allocation of funding.


Paul Courtoisier
Sustainability Consultant

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